Monday, February 28, 2011


Please Spring...Arrive!

I am sorry that I forgot to post this information last fall
We are all ready for spring to arrive and this makes us even more anxious.
Thanks to Ron Beiserfor reminding me that about this important information.


This year we had 14 boats participate, 66 fish caught, 224 pounds


Category Captain Boat

Most fish weight Dick Burris Donna’s Dilemma 41# 7 oz
Largest salmon Lance Campbell My Girl 3# 3 oz
Largest trout Wally Jambeck Fishing Funatic 8 # 1 oz
Closest to 5 # Butch Patrick Spoiled Rotten 4# 14 oz

Thank you to our co-owners for their donations:

Lance & Doreen Campbell donated cooking oil and the fishing pole for the kids’ drawing.
Dick Burris, Sharon Wild, Don Hopkins, Don Zweisler, Sandy Rutkoski, Karen Tracey.

Thank you to Myra Rowe and her family for selling tickets for the 50/50 drawing.
Gift certificates were purchased from the proceeds of returnable beverage containers.
50/50 drawing was won by Frank Mrasek $202.00.

Thank you to Bonnie Burry for designing and producing the posters for the
fishing tournament and Labor Day week-end events.


Next year’s fishing tournament date: August 6, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Send Me Your "e-mail" Address

Send an email to me at , and I will put you on the AHCCA contact list. Get your newsletter on your computer and keep up with the latest news from your Board of Directors. Thanks, Mary

Remembering Jane

A Tribute to Jane Groombridge from Cathryn McIlmurray February, 2011
She was my oldest ( known her for 59 years) friend, I don't remember a time I didn't know her. She was like my older sister, went on vacations with my family, church, school, Sunday dinners, always a major part of my life. Losing her is so major I can't tell you the devistation I feel. Florida, basket making, life in general is so altered. I'm grateful to my family and friends to help me get to the point where I can write about it. Jane was Jane, a true friend, often difficult at times, but always there in time of need. She loved to shop, check out new places, go out to eat, exercise, and hang with friends. Oscoda will definately NOT be the same, she loved to keep everyone on their toes. She made special birthday treats for anyone on their birthday, even though she couldn't eat it, being a diabetic. Thank you for putting her in the newsletter, the picture is from her daughter's wedding, she looked fabulous that day. I guess God needed her more than we did, she is now with my older sister, who was truly her best friend who died five years and six days before Jane. Rest in Peace Jane.

Update: Faye Mapley

Hello dear friends & family,

Faye is recovering nicely in cardiac rehab. She is still extremely sore and tired, but is walking with assistance each day. She spends three hours in rehab each day, two hours in the morning and one hour in the early afternoon. It is truly amazing the things that one takes for granted each day as we move through our daily routine. When one has major surgery, loses strength, and has to relearn basic motor skills again, it is a slow process. Fortunately, Faye is in one of the top 5 cardiac hospitals in the US, so we have been truly blessed with doctors, nurses, and physical therapists skilled in cardiac rehabilitation.

If everything goes well , Faye will be discharged next Friday and return to our Florida home with home health care until such time as she can function with my help until recovered.

We thank you all for your prayers, generous offers of assistance, get well cards, and concern. It has meant more to Faye, our family, and me more than you will ever know.

Love you all,


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Message from Carl Mapley

Hello family & friends,

For those of you whom I have not had the time to contact due to focusing on Faye's care, Faye had an aortic dissection(ascending), which translated to a heart surgery on Friday, 2/11/2011. Faye was in surgery for seven hours, and it was touch & go during that time whether or not she would come through the brutally invasive surgery. Fortunately God did not need her as bad as I do, so she was spared, survived, bruised, and in intensive care. We were in the right place at the right time as EMS brought her to Naples Community Hospital in Naples, Florida which is a heart hospital, rated in the top 5 in the nation. At the present time Faye is doing well and is going to be transferred in-house to a cardiac rehab unit for 7-10 days. For those of you whom I did have time to contact, Faye & I thank you for your prayers and continued support. For those of you for whom this is the first acknowledgement God was very kind to us and prayers were answered as Faye continues to recover. I will try very hard to update as time permits.

Warm personal regards,

Carl Mapley (Lot 19)

Friday, February 4, 2011

You will be amazed !!!!!

Tammy Reason has posted pictures of the "Snow of 2011" on her facebook site. If you use facebook she will be happy to share the "wonders and wildness of winter at the park". Tammy, your shovel must be worn down to the handle. Thank you for your messages, muscle and magnificent pictures.

February 4, 2011

Tammy and Mark reported lots of new information for us in the last few days. The "Snowstorm Apocalypse, 2011" really hit Michigan and certainly came into AHCC like a bear. The good news is that Tammy reports that she has not seen any damages to our units. However she reports, "...we have lots of snow which has been drifted by 45to 50 mph winds. The roads are completely covered and the many roads and units have drifts up to 10ft. and are approacable only if you bring a snow shovel to cut a path to the door. This is the 11th big snow we have gotten. (Co-owners) will not be able to park by their units. The snow has piled up and nowhere to put it to avoid driveways." Let's hope that we all tied down our toys, bikes, boats and grills so that we don't find them in the neighbors yard this spring! Pictures to follow. If you are traveling up to Oscoda please remember to bring high boots and a big shovel. ♥